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I Have A Thing For Big Bang!
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Oh the Drama!
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i wanna go for walks in the middle of the night but i also dont want to die ya feel

just girly things

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Completely ruined by me - "A" by Got7


I was tagged by kkaepsonggg to do this, I’m sorry for any ear pain it causes xD

I cracked up when I heard myself doing the rap lmao I gave up at the end of Bambam’s part tbh, it’s embarrasing but ayyy I had fun rocking out to the bae’s

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Rules: Record yourself singing along to one of your favorite kpop songs with headphones in, you aren’t allowed to edit it.

Warning: This challenge may cause permanent embarrassment and don’t I know it

 …oh my god, you have wished for a a sound of whales dying and broken Korean but I accept the challenge 

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first the Woo Bin tag and then the Got7 tag…

why do I do this to myself?


Jark / Markson @ Arirang After School Club with Eric.

Mark being a pervert looking down at Jackson’s crotch after hearing his question…


JYP Nation dancing all out to "Hands Up" ft. slightly confused & embarrassed Youngjae

Imagine Got7 looking at you

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MarkJin piggybacking each other ~

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